Expedition In Coorg



The beauty of Coorg that you need to Experience

Coorg is the house for many enchanting landscapes that one should experience at last once in their lifetime. Their natural beauty and their rich flora and fauna attracts people from all over the world. The tranquil environment that we provide helps to relax ourselves from the hectic work schedule that we live in. when you want to experience a quick and yet pacific and quite weekend getaway Coorg is the place you should opt for.

Variety of destinations:

There are numerous destinations that you need to try out when you are in Coorg. There are many destinations like Abbey falls, Chiklihole Reservoir, Dubare Elephant Camp, Harangi dam, Honnamana Kere lake, Kotebetta trek or peak, Madikeri Fort, etc. that give the visitors a very pleasant touring experience.

An amazing experience for road trippers:

For persons who just love to travel on road by bike or who love to explore new places but are hesitant to go for it fearing the risk involved in it, can opt for the assistance of professional company like Drivez N Ridez. With us, you can have the best expedition in Coorg as we are quite experienced in this field. When you opt for our assistance, you will have someone who knows the locality like the back of their hand and have the assistance of professionals in business taking care of things. And the adventurous yet peaceful journey that you have planned for will be accomplished.

Everything taken care of:

When you are in the assistance of Drivez N Ridez, we have well trained professional who will be trained in a way to be prepared for all kind of situations. For instance, in case of a breakdown of your vehicle you cannot go and seek the support of someone immediately as you are new to the place. But with us, you need not have to worry about anything as you will get a replacement sooner. You will be saved from the terrible experience of going in search of a mechanic in your tour. At the same time you will not be wasting your time as well.