Expedition In Kodaikanal



Top Exciting Things to do in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is located in Dindigul district, in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is also known as “queen of hill stations” it has a wonderful breathtaking structure which every nature lover desires to watch. The translation of the word Kodaikanal is “The gift of the forest” which makes Kodaikanal an ideal tourist destination. The hill station has greenish highlands and wildlife species, which make it the best tourist destination in summer for the country people. When you are in Kodaikanal you need a vehicle which can take you to the beautiful locations. The best vehicle provider at budget-friendly is Drivez N Ridez who offers 4 wheelers and motorbikes for your expedition in Kodaikanal.

Have a trip to silver cascade falls

The hills welcome its guest with a beautiful waterfall. The silver cascade waterfall is on Madurai-Kodai route at a height of 180 feet. The noise made by the running water on rocks can delight one’s heart.

It would be a trip to remember with an off-road car Drives N Ridez to silver cascade waterfall on Madurai-Kodai road.

What about having a cycling trip at Kodaikanal?

Cycling is one of the best exercise people love to do in the hill stations. It feels so good when you enjoy the trip to Kodaikanal on a cycle. On the cycles of Drivez N Ridez, one can feel relaxed and enjoy the greenish lush spread out on the hill station as it provides great comfort. Though one can cycle at any time of the day still many people prefer cycling early in the morning.

Have a cycling experience at the Kodai Lake

The Kodaikanal Lake is an artificial Lake created to add beauty and heart in the hill station. The Kodai Lake is at the centre of the hill station and covered by evergreen grasslands, wonderful waterfalls; one can view the nature’s best view from the lake. Sir Vere Henry Levinge in 1863 who was the collector of Madurai at that time created the Lake. But today the Lake has become an attractive tourist spot in the small hilly town. People love cycling and horse riding near the lake.  The road, which surrounds the Lake, is 4 km and can be the best option to enjoy cycling.