Expedition In Wayanad



Top adventurous places for expedition in Wayanad

If you are in search for some cool hill station for your summer vacation then Wayanad is at the top of must-visit places. Wayanad is present in southeast Asia in the state of Kerala in Kozhikode District. The meaning of the word Wayanad in the regional language is “ The land of paddy fields”. An expedition in Wayanad can offer a view of dazzling waterfalls, thick forest, and spice fields which never end. There are many locations in Wayanad which offer adventurous experience to enthusiasts. Wayanad is a dream place for nature enthusiasts. Wayanad has some breathtaking sights which delight one’s heat and mind.

Jeep camp in Wayanad

Wayanad being hill station and far above from the sea level offers high ranges for off-road drivers. Jeeps are a popular mode of transport here. There is a tourism meet in Wayanad known as SPLASH in which people all across the country come to ride the jeeps. Though the trail is rough still it offers some room to a driver. One can experience jeep ride on rocks, thick bushes, and grasslands.

Off road trip in Wayanad

Wayanad has an area of 2,132 sq. km comprising rough terrains, foggy trails, lush green and dense forests, and lots of spice plantations. People who love to boost their adrenaline will surely indulge in the off-road jeep riding offered by Drivez and Ridez. We offer 2×2 and 4×4 rides for off-road enthusiasts. On the ride, one can enjoy the splendidness of Vagomon area which is the best at offering off-road adventure trips.

The mix up of all types of landforms in Wayanad makes it perfect for adventure rides.

Cycling tours in Wayanad

Cycling is the best mode of transport to view a hill station. Cycling on hill station promotes an eco-friendly mode of transports. People who have an addiction to coffee and tea can trail on the foggy hills of Wayanad by using the cycles offered by Drivez and Ridez.  At Drive and Ridez pick your cycle and start exploring Wayanad and its dazzling beauty. Wayanad offers the best environment for cycling with weather being pleasant. One can feel the fresh air coming from the mountains while driving the cycle on hill trails.