Expedition In Yercaud



Things to do in Yercaud on a short weekend

 Yercaud is one of the best hill station located in the Shevaroys hills in the Eastern Ghats. These hills are situated at an altitude of 1515m above the sea level. Oranges and coffee beans are popularly grown in that area. Apart from these both, bananas, pears and jackfruits are also grown in some of the abundance are of Yercaud. Yercaud is such an enchanting hill station that even a short weekend trip can be so much pleasurable. People who visit here explore trekking and go for road drives, which will yield you an amazing experience of your trip.

Scenic beauty of Yercaud:

To enjoy the scenic beauty of this place, Drivez N Ridez provides so many exciting motorbikes, motorcycles, cars with expedition packages to drive and enjoy the ride by viewing the most enchanting Yercaud hills. You can hire any of the vehicles needed and travel through the hills and witness different sorts of wildlife like deer, snakes, foxes, squirrels and a lot more in the forests of yercaud. The hill station has loads of silver oak, teak and sandalwoods to be explored too, as these are not easily available in cities. Even the bird watchers can watch a different type of birds like kites, bulbuls and sparrows. Also, to explore all these scenic beauties, the most preferred time to visit is the month of May.

Enjoy driving on the hills:

Although, travelling through these hills by driving with your loved ones, will get some privacy and can be the best feeling ever. Instead of travelling straight on the roads, you can travel through the forests, mountains and explore waterfalls very nearer. Expedition in Yercaud provided by Drivez N Ridez can be very helpful to get any type of vehicle you want, to explore the yercaud hills by riding it yourself as per the choice. When you take help of any tourist assistance, you might not be fully satisfied with the way they drive. Sometimes you might need to stop at some place to enjoy the view, but such things are not always possible with the tourist assistance. But, when you make use of our expedition services, you can ride yourself with your partner or family and you can stop at any time to enjoy the view and spend some valuable time there.