Go on a Spiritual Journey to the Land of the Dragon

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            Scenic natural beauty and the aura of bliss in Bhutan will definitely get you in touch with your
spirituality. No matter which route you take, you will witness the culture of the country in every nook
and corner. From magnificent monasteries and religious spots to vast stretches of mountains and
valleys, there is endless beauty as far as you can see.
           The best way to explore this beauty of Bhutan is with an epic road trip across the country. Drivez N Ridez
offers truly customizable and comprehensive four wheel and two wheel expeditions that enable you to
witness the magical colours of Bhutan like never before. Our team of travel experts curates the best
experiences for you and your loved ones.

Here are some of our top picks about things you must visit when in Bhutan:

1. Tiger’s Nest Monastery – The Taktsang Monastery in Paro, also known as Tiger’s Nest
Monastery, is one of Bhutans most sacred sites. Set on the side of a cliff, this monastery offers
the perfect blend of spirituality, architecture, natural serenity and beautiful view.

2. Buddha Dordenma – The 51 meters tall statue of Lord Buddha in Thimpu is a revered pilgrimage
site amongst the people of Bhutan for locals. It also attracts thousands of tourists every year
from around the world.

3. Dochula Pass – One of the most exquisite sites of Bhutan, The Dochula Pass is a true delight for
nature lovers and explorers. It is situated at a height of 3100 meters in the mountains. As you
take in the beauty of the view, you must visit the monastery with 108 Chortens (shrines). The
entire campus overlooks the valley, and the view is unlike you would see anywhere else.

4. Po Chhu Suspension Bridge – The Po Chhu River flows between the town of Phunaka and
Phunaka Dzong. You can cross the river with the 160 meters suspension bridge that connects
the two sides. Not only is the view from the bridge great, the entire bridge is covered with
prayer flags.
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