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Let Majestic Rajasthan Quench Your Wanderlust

Rich cultural heritage, breath-taking architecture, vast deserts, and lip-smacking food make Rajasthan every traveller’s dream destination. The grandeur and magnificence of the region have been popular among tourists, travellers, and explorers alike. Majestic forts, large lakes, colourful streets and cultural elegance attract thousands of visitors to Rajasthan every year.

              The best way to explore the magic of this land of the kings is with an epic road trip. Drivez N Ridez offers customized four-wheel and two wheel expeditions across popular spots Rajasthan. With a bespoke tour itinerary suiting your travel plans, we can ensure a truly memorable trip across the roads of majestic Rajasthan.

Pass through the magical deserts

            Rajasthan features truly mesmerizing deserts that stretch till as far as you can see. Imagine driving by the vast expanse of sand deserts, passing by small villages and lakes. As the sun sets down, the desert sky turns into a magical stretch of stars, adding to the magic of the place. You can choose to camp in the desert under the starry sky or simply stop to admire the view.

Lose yourself in the grand forts and palaces

               As you enter Rajasthan, you will be greeted by tall forts atop hills, grand castles and palaces, and architecture like no other place in the world. From the nestled cities to picturesque hotels and monuments, every inch of this region is mesmerizing in itself. Exploring Rajasthan by road gives you a closer look at how the cities have evolved over the years, still retaining the rich heritage of the kings that once ruled here.

Experience the colours of Rajasthan’s Streets

                Not just the castles, the streets and markets of Rajasthan will leave you star struck as well. From the colourful fabric to artefacts that depict the culture of the region, every street is filled with shops selling beautiful items. The popular shoes of Rajasthan, the leather items, bangles and more will make for perfect memorabilia of your road trip to Rajasthan.

                Beyond this, you will fall in love with the delicious food that the dhabas on the road have to offer. Authentic Rajasthani spicy food will add the finishing touch to your magical time here in the land of grandeur and larger than life culture.

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