Four Wheeler Expedition In North India


                The hills stations of Himachal Pradesh, valleys of Kashmir, and the cold desert of Leh are all very
popular tourist destinations. People frequent these places all year round, to enjoy a break from work
life and spend quality time with their loved ones. All these places are also a hit among road trippers
due to the perfect weather, rich flora and fauna, adventure activities, and the winding hilly roads
leading up to them. The roads to all major tourist places in North India are well-maintained and have
pleasing natural settings on either side. But, what most people do is they drive straight up to their
destination via the shortest route, missing out on great things.

                      With Drivez N Ridez, you can enjoy road trips as they were meant to be, one step at a time. On our
North India four-wheeler expedition, we don’t take you via the highways. We drive through paths
that most people don’t know about. Paths that go through forests, hills and small towns, way off the
highways. Our experts pick routes that offer the most mesmerizing scenes of nature and the most
adventure. So that you can truly enjoy your vacation trip, without worrying about time.
Our North India Four-wheeler expedition fleet usually contains 12 cars (Mahindra Thar or other off-
road cars) driven by our guests, which are followed by an escort jeep that carries all the essentials
for the journey, like first-aid kits, emergency tools etc. After numerous trial trips and thorough
consideration, we choose the paths that are adventurous, yet safe and easy to drive upon. So that
each of our guests can enjoy the ride to the fullest.
Contact now to know the full itinerary and details of the four-wheeler North India expedition and
book fast. Call your friends, think of lies to tell your bosses; and get ready for the adventure of a